a Family-owned business

We're a family-owned publishing business, we have a large family of authors, some just starting out.    This page will feature our soon-to-be-published books

 The Secrets to Indoor Container Gardening for Beginners is set to go live on Amazon on July, 1 2023.   This is a wonderful book for beginners.  Written by Alice Elaine, a lifelong avid outdoors gardener, growing veggies and fruits to help offset the grocery bill (with 8 kids it was a huge help!) along with various flowers.  Alice had never really considered indoor gardening, sure, she had some Pothos and Split Leaf Philodendrons indoors, but the idea of actually GARDENING indoors was a whole different ball game!  I mean, she lived in Northern NM and it gets COLD in the winter.  

Well, time went on, as it does, and the kids grew up and moved out, as they do, and Alice decided it was time to downsize.  She sold her house and moved into an apartment, she had a bit of space outdoors, but nothing like what she was used to, and her Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms were getting worse now that she had no kids to distract her.   One of her close friends saved the day by suggesting container gardening indoors, she handed Alice a small potted plant - a vibrant, green basil plant. "Alice," she said, "Trust me. You can do this. "  And with that Alice was on her way!   Among the things she discovered was that her S.A.D symptoms abated once she had a garden happening indoors!  The snow and grey skies didn't bother her as much.  She was SO happy with her indoor garden!  

This is the person who wrote this book.  She remembers her trials and errors and how often she failed,  Indoor gardening is very different from outdoor gardening!   She will be writing more books, this book is for beginners, people who have never had indoor plants that survived any length of time, or who have never tried and are ready.  It's also for people who suffer from S.A.D., her indoor garden helped her SO MUCH, she hopes everyone with this disorder will take her advice and start growing plants indoors.  Flowers or food, it all works, but growing food helps with the grocery bill and, in the winter, you KNOW you're getting fresh healthy nutritious veggies!